Evaluation of land and building

Evaluation of land and building
To evaluate land and building, a lot of data is necessary. As data, inheritance tax route value, land price public notice · land price survey, fixed asset tax route value, property tax Standard residential land price, property tax Situation similar areas, real estate research price
Evaluation of land and building
Evaluation amount
Land comparison table
Price Transition Table
Sampling position
Route value map

Apartment evaluation

Apartment evaluation
Provide objective and rational evaluation value and report based on enormous data In addition to an enormous number of databases, in addition to a huge database, Apartment Evaluation Service calculates the valuation amount in consideration of sales cases to the theoretical values obtained by statistical methods based on the latest data, in cooperation with Mekai University Real Estate Faculty and At Home Co.  It is a service that can evaluate one room or apartment. We can also evaluate investment apartments by improving analysis data.
Apartment Evaluation
Apartment Evaluation Report
The apartment sales history, unit price history, rental rate
Price range of the district apartment
Surrounding map and Around apartments

Seller and buyer also use real estate transaction (building condition survey Building situation survey (Housing inspection)

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Building situation survey is to investigate the presence / absence of deterioration / defects occurring in the foundation, outer wall, etc. of secondhand houses, by a professional inspector of a certain qualification by visual observation, measurement, etc. Please see below for the details of the survey etc.

In order to establish an environment where existing houses can be selected, the “safe R housing” system by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport

It is a house with earthquake resistance, inspection (building condition survey etc.) was done,
It refers to existing housing where information is provided about remodeling etc.
Specifically, it meets the following requirements.
[1] It has basic quality such as earthquake resistance
[2] Reform completed or renovation proposal is attached
[3] Information is provided on the storage status of check records, etc.